Movaluate 7: Who We Are and What We Do

What’ve we been up to?

Value has been the lifeblood of Movaluate since its inception in 2012. If you have used or are interested in Movaluate, chances are that you too are interested in value as well. When we launched Movaluate, our goal was to help users maximize the value of their devices. With the fair market value of over 400 devices at hand, we gave buyers and sellers the information necessary to make a confident and equitable transaction. As the sales transaction data began to stack up, one thing became clear: we could maximize our user’s value even more.

What decreases your device’s value?

The largest decrease in sales price was from damaged displays—cracked, chipped, shattered and more. Repairs typically cost around $150 plus labor, representing a large portion of the device’s value and thus resulting in a significantly reduced selling price. We knew that preventing this type of catastrophic damage was relatively easy, affordable and had no impact on the device usage—if anything, it improved usability. Our experience with mobile devices had led to a deep research of the screen protector market, one that started even before Movaluate itself.

How we found a solution

We witnessed the evolution of screen protectors from cheap sheets of PET film that required users to cut out an appropriate shape, to what we believe to be the pinnacle of screen protector engineering today—tempered glass screen protectors. These screen protectors fit like a glove, are hardly noticeable and feel even better than the stock displays due to their specially formulated oleophobic coatings.

Others took notice of this technology and the glass screen protector market exploded with competitors, offering either chip/crack prone, cheaply manufactured knockoffs with laughable customer support, or premium products with a premium price tag. We didn’t want our users (and their wallets) to have to suffer through this same experience while trying to find protection for their device. We believe that maximizing value should be easy, and that’s why we created Movaluate 7.

This is what’s next:



Movaluate 7 Glass- the best feeling protection

We experimented with a plethora of different screen protectors and when we found the best one, we went straight to the manufacturer to the best price for our valued customers. With Movaluate 7, our mission is to offer premium quality tempered glass screen protectors and customer service, at reasonable prices. We are confident that our screen protectors will deliver top notch protection and impeccably smooth display feel.

Movaluate 7, screen protection evolved.

Why Should You Invest In A Screen Protector?

Since 2007, Apple has sold over 100 million smartphones worldwide. In just the past 5 years, customers have spent an estimated $5.9 billion repairing these devices. Throw in the 1 billion or so Android devices and we are talking national GDP-sized repair costs.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.59.56 PM If you are ever worried about misplacing your phone or having it stolen, don’t—you are 10 times more likely to break or damage your iPhone. With ever increasing screen sizes and thinner, laminated digitizers, smartphone displays are more prone to scratching, chipping and cracking than ever before. Save yourself the $149-$249 cost of repairing a dropped device by investing less than $30 in a screen protector!

SAMSUNG CSCAccording to SquareTrade, 30% of all smartphone owners experience accidental damage within the first 12 months of owning their devices. For those under 35 years of age (yes, you), that number skyrockets to near 50%. Who hasn’t found themselves performing the infamous smartphone crotch-tuck while driving, and then exiting the vehicle and jettisoning  their smartphone straight into the cold, hard pavement. Worse yet, 17% of owners become repeat offenders, which makes sense; at first you baby your device, but as soon as it gets that first love mark, it’s all downhill from there.

apple price dropOur own data corroborates these findings, with a whopping $200 price drop to the value of an iPhone 5S with a broken display. The same echoes for other popular devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and S4. As a matter of fact, due to their relatively lower popularity, repairs cost even more as parts and dealers are not as readily available.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 7.00.09 PM

Save your fingertips from glass shards (11% of iPhone owners continue to use their cracked displays) and your wallet from weight loss with a screen protector. In addition to its guaranteed damage protection, the specially formulated oleophobic coating gives an unmatched smooth, better-than-stock feeling to your gorgeous display while giving you your peace of mind. Stay tuned to our blog for discounted pre-sale information and launch dates of the Movaluate Store!

SquareTrade via 9to5Mac

Official Movaluate Device Testing and Appraisal Application for Android Devices

Hey guys, we’ve recently released the official Movaluate Device Tester application. It’s available for free on Google Play.

Movaluate Device Tester helps buyers and sellers in the secondary market (eBay, Craigslist) appraise their smartphones and tablets to make sure that they are properly functioning before a sale. Movaluate Device Tester can appraise the functionality of all aspects of your phone or tablet, including:

-Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, light and proximity
-Display: touchscreen and multi-touch
-Wireless & Telephony: WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular
-Camera: front facing, rear facing and LED flash
-Sound & Vibration: microphone, speaker and vibration motor
-USB connectivity

You can use these test results to diagnose the functionality of your device and appraise your device’s resale value. Movaluate Device Tester’s unique built in price-appraiser (powered by gives you the ability to instantly appraise the value of your device.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear your feedback.

How Do Each Manufacturer’s Flagships Compare in Resale Value?

Every 2 years we spend our hard earned money on what we hope is the best phone around. Sometimes however, what we thought was going to be the flagship device of our hearts, merely turns out to be a dinghy. What are we to do then? Sell it so we can fund our device lust but of course!

Which flagship devices have the best chance of getting your money back? We took a look at all the flagships from the major OEMs available in the U.S. and found some interesting results:

Resale Value of Q3 and Q4 Flagship Devices

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Which Sub-10 Inch Tablet is the Best Bang for your Buck

Does the word Honeycomb ring a bell? It was Google’s first step in propping up the 10 inch tablet market in which Android was getting ready to compete with the uncontested king of the hill, the iPad. The 10 inchers had a rough start with their nascent app markets and unremarkable performance.

q2 2010 tablet marketshare movaluate

SA – Global Tablet Vendor Market Share: Q3 2010

Although worldwide tablet purchases increased 300% year over year in the second quarter of 2011 (up to 13.6 million units), Android saw its market share drop from 34% down to 26.8%. This however, relative to Q2 of 2010 (shown above) where Android accounted for a meager 2.9% of tablet sales, was still promising progress.

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Movaluate’s Second-Hand Device Market Report [December 2012]

December saw a huge surge in Holiday sales, with new phones rising to the top and a not so surprising bunch falling to the bottom. Take a look at our December Market Report to see all the stats.

movaluate decemeber market report

While there are many familiar faces atop the sales leaderboards, there were a number of surprises and interesting trends. Check out the details in our full, free report:

[wpdm_file id=3]

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Now you can Embed Movaluate’s Price Report in your Craigslist and eBay Listings

Ever wished you could easily insert Movaluate’s fair market price into your Craigslist or eBay listing? Well now you can with our new embed feature:

movaluate embed2

If you look below your device’s image, you will find a shiny green “embed” button. Clicking this will drop down a box with the embed HTML code, which you can copy and paste into any listing editor that accepts HTML.

Quickly and easily add a touch of clean professionalism and authority to any device listing by adding our price report badge which gives potential buyers a quick look at the phone itself, its name, the fair-market value as well as the condition and date the report was generated. Users can click the badge to navigate to Movaluate’s complete price report including average price history. .

Let us know if you have any questions about how to use this new feature, or if you have any comments about Movaluate. We’re always eager to hear your guys’ feedback! Happy Holidays!

Why You Should Buy Nexus

At this point in time, the question should actually be “Why you should have bought Nexus.” If the popularity of Google’s 4th Nexus device is any indication, expect next year’s device to  do even better.
nexus 4 sold out where to buy now
Traditionally, Google’s Nexus devices have been favorites of developers and Android enthusiasts because of their unlocked bootloaders, stock Android experience, and software update priority… oh and the fact they’re unlocked so they will work on any GSM network.

There is one more benefit that typically doesn’t get listed about Nexus devices–one that some would argue is the most important of all: resale value.

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